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In this digital era, almost everyone uses the smartphone and the number of mobile phone users is increasing every day. As the technology is getting advanced, more and more ways to communicate and doing things online are getting launched. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you have to do, you can always do it online these days. From watching movies to reading newspapers, and listening songs to ordering food everything can be done online. Considering the number of smartphone users around the world even companies and developers are trying to build apps for smartphones first and then for other devices. Smartphones are making life easier by letting users do all kind of work from anywhere anytime. The most popular and common thing which almost every smartphone user do it playing games on it. It doesn’t matter what kind of games you like, you can always find them for your smartphone from your respective app store.

Nowadays thousands of apps and games are being launched every day for smartphones. Every kind of app is available over the internet, whether it is free or paid, but most of the people prefer free apps over paid ones. Though it is good to download free apps, there are some developers who spend their time and resources in building those apps. Considering that you should always buy apps instead of looking for a cracked version of those apps. So how do these developers and companies recover investment & make profits from these free apps and games? One of the best ways is to show advertisements right inside the apps and games, but showing multiple ads may run the user experience. To get rid of this problem developers adds in-app purchase options in apps and games which can be bought after downloading the app or game.

This means you can download the app or game for free and use it without any worries but some items in it will be locked. You can unlock them or buy extra things by paying a certain amount right from the app. As we said earlier that most of the people prefer free apps and games, so they don’t like paying for anything even if it is available in in-app purchases. If you are among them, then you might be interested in knowing about an app which lets you unlock all premium features of almost all games and apps without paying anything. Yes, there is one app named Freedom available over the internet which can be used to buy in-app purchases free. You can get unlimited purchase credit for your games and apps by using Freedom app as this app has the ability to bypass the credit checking mechanism of App Store.

Freedom APK is an Android based app which is pretty similar to the various rooting app. This app basically allows you to play and surf all paid apps and games for free. This apk is a kind of jailbreak tools which break into all paid apps and games and avail them free of cost for its users.

Freedom APK allows you to surf and use all type of paid apps and games available on the internet for free. Even you can get the premium version of Mobdro and surf it for free. Freedom APK has much more features by which you can now directly buy the paid apps for free. The list of all the cool features of freedom APK is listed below, take a good look.


What Is Freedom APK 2018?

Well, Freedom app is very popular among gamers and those who want to use paid apps for free but still there are many people out there who don’t know about this app. If you are among them, then let us tell you a little bit about this app first before providing you links to do Freedom APK latest version download. Freedom app APK will allow you to unlock any premium feature of games and apps without paying anything.

This app uses built-in virtual credit cards to pay for the features and things you need to buy. Your Freedom APK will never ask you to pay anything so you can buy coins, points or anything within the app for free. Many new features and supported apps are added into the app which you can enjoy using when you download Freedom APK v2.0.9 from this page.


Features of Latest Freedom APK For Android

Now you know about Freedom app and what is actually provides. Though there are many more features of Freedom APK which you might be interested in knowing about. This app has much more to offer than you think and if you want to know about some of the best features of it, then you can read about them below.

  • Android Freedom APK latest version is absolutely free of cost and you don’t have to pay anything to use it. If a website is asking you to pay in order to download Freedom app, then simply leave that website.
  • When you will download Freedom 2018 APK then you will be able to upgrade almost all kind of apps and games without paying anything.
  • If you are playing a game which is asking you to complete certain levels to reach next level, then also you can use Freedom app to bypass that restriction.
  • Another good thing about latest Freedom APK no root is that it doesn’t hack the app, but it makes Google think that you’ve bought the resources.
  • Most of the people use this app for games, though you can use your Freedom APK for apps too if a game have coins or gems, then you can also get unlimited coins and gems using it.
  • You can also use Freedom app to remove ads from almost all kind of apps and games.


Freedom APK 2018 File Information

App Name Freedom APK
File Name Freedom-APK-2-0-9.APK
File Size 1.92 MB
Latest Version v2.0.9
Operating System Android 2.3.3 and Above
Last Updated On 27 January 18


Minimum Requirements For Freedom APK

Before you download latest Freedom APK for Android you must be aware of the minimum requirements to run it. Though you don’t need a high end device to use Freedom Android app, still just to be sure about the compatibility you can check out the requirements of this app below:

  1. Android 2.3.3 and above.
  2. 512 MB RAM.
  3. 100 MB storage memory.
  4. Rooted Android Phone – If you don’t have rooted Android device, then you will need to root it first. You can use any root apps to root it or use your PC to root Android device.


Download Freedom APK Latest Version | Freedom APK Direct Download For Android

Now you know everything about Freedom app and its time to download Freedom APK v2.0.9 which is also the latest version of the app. One thing to remember here is that original Freedom app is not available over Google Play Store, so if you find any with the similar name, do not download it. That is why here in this post we are providing you link to do Freedom APK direct download. The version we are providing here is latest and it will also work as Freedom APK for Lollipop. So without wasting more time, just download Freedom app for Android and if you need installation instructions, then you can follow tutorial mentioned below.


   Download Freedom apk

Once you have done Freedom app download for Android using above link, you will have to install the app on your phone manually to use it. Well, it is easy to install an APK file on Android devices, but still there are some people who don’t know about it. If you want some help regarding installation, then you can follow the steps mentioned below. Do note that this link is not for Freedom APK download for Android no root or Download Freedom APK hack.

How To Install Freedom App APK In Android and iOS

It is very easy to download Freedom APK no root and install it as it is a very small app and doesn’t require any additional downloads. All you have to do is to download Freedom APK from above given link and then follow below steps.

  • First of all you will have to uninstall any previous version of Freedom app (if installed).
  • Now download Freedom APK for Android using above link and save the APK file on your phone storage.
  • Next, you will have to enable Unknown Sources settings of your device to install APK files from external sources.
  • If you don’t know how to do it, then just open Settings of your device and navigate to Security Settings.
  • Under Device Administration tab, you will find an option named Unknown Sources. By default this option will be off, so just turn it on.
  • Once done, navigate to the folder where you have done Freedom APK free download and placed its file.
  • Tap on the Freedom APK file and click on Install.
  • Now wait for the installation process to finish and once it is done you will be able to see Freedom app icon on your home screen.


General FAQs Related To Freedom Android App APK


Freedom APK Is Not Working?

Some users have faced an issue with this app and that is Freedom APK stops working. If you are one of them, then you should navigate to Freedom Setting > Disable Play Store Updates > Enable to disable Play Store updates.

Now open your Android Settings > Apps > Play Services > Uninstall Updates. You will have to make sure that your device is using Google Play Store version 10 or below. If you have a newer version of Play Store, then uninstall it and download older version Play Store APK and install it on your device to make Freedom app work.

Does Freedom APK Work For Online Games Gems/Money?

No, currently Freedom APK does not support online games as they use servers to authenticate purchases for each device. Sometimes it may work for online games, but it will get patched within a day or two. So do not use Freedom APK on online games or apps as you might end up doing harm to your game or app.

“No Internet Connection” Play Store Error?

There are some users who have reported that after using Freedom app in their phone they are getting “no internet connection” when they are opening Google Play Store. To fix this problem just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Freedom app and go to its settings and click on Stop. This will stop Freedom app services temporarily.
  2. Now open Settings of your Android device and go to Apps. Find Google Play Store and open it.
  3. Now click on Storage and then click on Clear Data.
  4. Now restart your device and open Google Play Store. It will start working like before without any problems.



Final Words

Freedom app for Android is definitely one of the best app you can download for rooted Android devices. As we said earlier that this app is not available on Google Play Store, so you will have to download Freedom APK from this page. Just to make things go easy we’ve also posted guide on how to use Freedom APK above and you can follow those steps to use it. Well, we will recommend you to pay for any in-app purchases in game or app as developers spend time and money in creating those apps and games. You should respect their work and this Freedom app should only be used for educational purposes only.

We have also seen many people out there looking for free download Freedom APK for iOS, but nothing like that is available right now. You can do Freedom APK 2018 download only for Android devices and that too on rooted Android phones and tablets. If you are facing any problems in using this app or downloading it, then you can let us know about it via comments below. Do subscribe to this blog and bookmark this page if you want to get notified about the latest Freedom APK no root.

I hope you like this above freedom apk article to know more about this apk keep visiting this site for latest update always keep in mind, Sharing is carrying.



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